The Sounds of Your Life

Turned into beautiful, custom, playable artwork

Soundwave Art ™ was founded in 2012 by two friends after a discussion about sound wave patterns and what they would look like if they were turned into artwork. Being obsessed with the idea we quickly developed a way to create the art online. It was a basic process but it allowed us to get started and launch our business.

After a few years, Mike bought out his partner and expanded the business by developing a process for people to record and see their voice pattern all through the website. The software allows you to record or upload a file, it then shows the pattern it creates and opens a design tool so you can style it virtually any way you like.

In 2017 the Soundwave Art ™ mobile app launched making the artwork playable using augmented reality! It was a giant leap forward for us and gives our customers a truly unique experience. Turning your voice into a personalized, memorable gift that is now playable is such a special gift.

We invite you to take a look at our official website by clicking the button below. Take a look at our products, watch some videos and record a sentiment that will last for generations!

Soundwave Art